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Standard Body Shape : Styling Tips & Fashion Advice

Standard Body Shape : Styling Tips & Fashion Advice


Your body is well proportioned; meaning no one part of the body, hips, waist bust, or shoulders is wider or narrower in comparison to the rest of the body.

You have a waist that comes in slightly. You would prefer clothes fitted to your natural body lines.

Below you can find some basic recommendations that you can follow to balance your silhouette and enhance your look.

Necklines: You can use any neckline, round shape low necklines such as scoop, oval, jewel, sweetheart and V styles are more recommended.

Scoop Neckline
Jewel Neckline
Bateu Neckline
Square Neckline
V Neckline

Sleeves: Any length loose and wide sleeves like puffed, rolled up, bishop, flared, bell, flutter and cuffed. 

Puffed Sleeves
Rolled Up Sleeves
Bishop Sleeves
Bell Sleeves
Leg of Mutton Sleeves

Shirts: Form-fitting tops that will accentuate your waistline; wrap tops; peplum style or belted tops, lightweight jersey knits. Avoid loose sweaters and chunky knits. 

Bust Pockets Shirts
Rolled Sleeve Shirts
Fitted Shirts
Peplum Style Shirts
Belted Shirts

Jackets: Classic style, fitted or tailored blazers; single or double-breasted, mid-length jackets with a slightly defined waist 

Double Breasted Jacket
Leather Jackets
Single Breasted Jacket
Norfolk Jacket
Peplum Style Jacket

Coats: Form-fitted, tailored classic styles, such as trenches or wrapped coats.

Double Breasted Belted Coat
Single Breasted Princes Coat
Single Breasted Trench Coat
Double Breasted Trench Coat
Single Breasted Chesterfield

Skirts: Maintain the natural waistline and avoid adding too much volume to the bottom. Flat front, pencil, or tube skirts, A-line or less pleated skirts such as bias, godet or gored styles.

A Line Skirt
Bias Skirt
Godet Skirt
Gored Skirt
Pencil Skirt

Dresses: Straight and follows your body line; shift dresses with or without a belt around the waist, wrap and flowy styles.

A Line Dress
Shirt Dresses
Sheath Style Dress
Princess Seams Dress
Wrap Style Dress

Pants & Jeans: Medium rise, classic, skinny, straight, flared or boot-cut jeans and pants. Avoid anything loose or baggy.

Boot Cut Pants
Flared Leg Pants
Slim Pants
Formal Trousers
Classic Trousers

Fabrics: Use soft, flowy, or stretchy fabrics that would follow your natural body silhouettes such as fine silk, jersey, cotton, and stretchy denim. Avoid stiff, thick, and textured fabrics.

Accessories: Since you have a balanced silhouette, your shoe selection would depend on your outfit. If your outfit is heavy on the top then you would balance it with your chunky shoes, wedges, and platforms. If you have a balanced outfit, then you can choose more classic shoes like flats and medium heels.

Choose handbags that naturally sit on your waist area. Satchel bags and hobo bags are good options. Avoid long strapped bags such as cross-body bags that rest below your hips.

You can use scarves with fold-up and knot styles. Dark colour, slim, belts with no embellishments are also recommended to create the illusion of a waistline if you would like to do so. Medium length, fine or chunky necklaces, big earrings and hair accessories would draw attention upward. You can choose fine necklaces such as several long strands of beads as well.

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