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Inverted Triangle (Wedge) Body Shape : Styling Tips & Fashion Advice

Inverted Triangle (Wedge) Body Shape : Styling Tips & Fashion Advice


Your bust is broader than your hips (min 5%), and you have wide shoulders and flat hips. Your hips and waist are narrower; little to no waist definition. The inverted triangle is the most athletic-looking body type.

Our goal is to enhance the lower half of your body while minimizing the top.

Below you can find some basic recommendations that you can follow to balance your silhouette and enhance your look.

Necklines: Slim, narrow, and deep necklines to reduce the width of the upper half such as V, U, scoop, asymmetric and halter necks; no collars. Avoid wide and low necklines.  

V Neckline
Scoop Neckline
Halter Neckline
Asymmetric Neckline
Jewel Neckline

Sleeves: Short, tight, fitted sleeves to balance your shoulders or long, loose, soft, flared sleeves such as raglan, kimono, or dolman sleeves to add volume around your hips; wide straps, drop or raglan shoulders, shoulder slits and cut-outs. Avoid details around the shoulder like shoulder pads, puff sleeves, wide scarfs, and thin straps.

Raglan Sleeves
Layered Sleeves
Batwing Sleeves
Cowl Sleeves
Shirt Sleeves

Shirts: Minimalist look; dark shades; extend past the hip line, flares from waist to hip like a wrap to emphasize the waist such as peplum, wrap or trapeze styles; soft draping fabric; no horizontal lines; pockets, collars, or any details. Avoid cropped tops, chunky knits, spaghetti straps or strapless style, high collars, and bright colours.

Fitted Shirts
Fitted Wrap Shirts
Peplum Style  Shirts
Trapeze Shirts
Swing Shirts

Jackets: Fitted through waist, below the hip hemline; single-breasted; small collars; classic straight cut or flare out at waist; nipped or belted jackets; pockets below the waist, no lapels, shoulder pads or any details.

Cutaway Jackets
Peplum Style Jackets
Norfolk Style Jacket
Waterfall Jacket
Single Breasted Jacket

Coats: To add volume around the hip area, coats should flare at the hip line. Belted or nipped coats, trenches, no pockets, lapels, shoulder pads, big collars, epaulets or any details around shoulders. 

Single Breasted Trench Coat
Single Breasted Princess Coat
Single Breasted Belted Coat
Cacoon Coat
Cape Coat

Skirts: Fuller skirts with flares from the hips; crisp fabrics with pleats and gathers to add volume to hips; A-Line, full, peplum, box pleated, tulip and layered style flowing skirts; vibrant colours; pleats, panels, horizontal stripes, or other patterns; any hemlines. Avoid tight-fitted skirts like pencil skirts.

Full Skirt
Peplum Skirt
Box Pleated Skirt
Tulip Style Skirt
Layered Skirt

Dresses: To add volume to the hip area look for flares from the waist, shift dresses, nipped and belted styles; flat and flare styles; halter styles with thick straps or peplum style dresses, and details at the lower part of the dress. Avoid body-hugging dresses, and details around the shoulder and neck area.

Fit and flare Dress
Shirt Dress
Peplum Style Dress
Princess Seams Dress
Tulip Style Dress

Pants & Jeans: Flared, baggy, wide-leg pants; combat, harem, sailor, palazzo styles; wide leg or flared style jeans; boyfriend cuts; patterns, ruffles, pockets like details at the bottom to make your hips look broader. Avoid skinny jeans, simple straight styles, and dark colours.

Wide Le Pants
Boot Cut Pants
Palazzo Pants
Flared Pants
Tapered Pants

Fabrics: To balance the wider shoulders, use thick fabrics such as tweed, canvas, gabardine, velvet and cord for the lower half of your body. Use light weighted, soft, flowy fabrics for your tops.

Accessories: To add more volume around your lower body, you can choose platforms. wedges, heels with bold colours, patterns and embellishments, ankle straps, and ankle-length boots such as cowboy boots.

To draw attention to the lower half of your body, use bags with long straps that sit on your hip area. Choose chunky, detailed, coloured ones. Crossbody bags, satchel bags and hobo bags are good options, avoid clutches and short shoulder bags. Avoid too much volume when you choose your scarves.

Neckties, short, plain, light-weighted scarfs with solid colours that fall straight down to your neck can be used. You can use thick belts to define your waist.

Long pendant necklaces, big rings, and bracelets to draw attention away from your shoulders are recommended. Avoid big earrings and chunky necklaces that are close to your neck and shoulders.

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