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Oval (Apple) Body Shape : Styling Tips & Fashion Advice

Oval (Apple) Body Shape : Styling Tips & Fashion Advice


Your bust, waist and hip measurements are close to each other, and you have a curvy shape and rather undefined waistline. Your hip is slightly smaller than your bust, up 5%.

You have rounded shoulders and fullness in the midriff area, average to full bust, narrow hips and slim legs. Therefore, you need to draw attention to the neck area that is close to your face or your legs.

Below you can find some basic recommendations that you can follow to balance your silhouette and enhance your look.

Necklines: Wide and low necklines such as sweet hearth, scoop, V, square necks or strapless. Embellishments and details close to the neck and face area draw attention upwards and away from the fuller midsection. Avoid high necklines with collars. 

Sweet hearth Neckline
Scoop Neckline
V Neckline
Square Neckline

Sleeves: Flaring, loose, detailed sleeves, and shoulder details, such as cap, puffed, lantern, and layered sleeves to take away attention from the midriff section and build up some volume on the upper body. Avoid fitted sleeves.

Flutter Sleeves
Juliet Sleeves
Lantern Sleeves
Layered Sleeves
Leg of Mutton Sleeves

Shirts: Flowy tops, relaxed button-ups that fall below your waist; less fitted t-shirts and blouses; wrap or trapeze style tops; tunics; patterns or ruffles close to the neck to add definition to the upper body. Avoid crop tops, fitted tops, or any details around the midriff area.

Swing Shirts
Trapeze Shirts
Pussy Bow Shirts
Tunic Shirts
Draping Shirts

Jackets: Waistline hits below hip; single-breasted, structured jackets or open over-layers like cardigans. Wrap style jackets, tailored blazers, structured lines, and fabrics to conceal a wider midsection area. Avoid jackets, cardigans that finish at your waistline as well as belted or double-breasted jackets.

Cutaway Jackets
Single Breasted Jackets
Waterfall Jacket
Cardigan Jacket
Empire Style Jacket

Coats: Structured, long coat styles that cover up the midriff area are recommended. A-line, wrap style, cutaway or straight, knee-length trenches. Avoid double-breasted, belted coats with too many details.

A Line Single BreastedCoat
Duster Coat
Swing Coat
Yoke Coat
Wrap Coat

Skirts: Knee-high flat front skirts; A-Line skirts; no pleats or gathers starting at waist; soft and draping fabric. Straight skirts with flared bottom; pencil skirts; tiers, layers, panels, and box pleats that start below the tummy area are good options. Avoid details in the tummy area and long or very short skirts.

A Line Skirt
Fix Box Pleated Skirt
Godet Skirt
Flounced Skirt
Slit Skirt Style

Dresses: Mid or Maxi length with a lower neckline and undefined waist; dresses with shoulder, neckline, and sleeve details; shift, wrap, A-Line, empire, or bias style dresses; dark colours or diagonal stripes. Avoid details around the bust, midriff, and hips area; keep them above the bust and below the hip; dresses and belts that pinch your waist like figure-hugging dresses, horizontal lines in the mid-section.

Maxi Dress
Empire Style Dress
Shift Style Dress
Wrap Style Dress
A Line Dress

Pants & Jeans: Long hemline flared or wide-leg pants with heels would balance the wider med section. Flat front, straight-leg pants with no pockets, buttons, zippers and below your hipbone; side fastening pants with wide waistband; dark colour tones; low-rise or mid-rise boot-cut or flared jeans; skinny jeans with tunic, oversized sweater or button-down. Avoid high waist tapered pants.

Boot Cut Pants
Flared Leg Pants
Wide Leg Pants
Formal Trousers
Straight Leg Pants

Fabrics: Use well-structured fabrics for your tops such as linen, tweed, canvas, and gabardine. Avoid delicate fabrics.

Accessories: Chunky shoes, wedges, and platforms with colours and details are good options to draw attention to your legs. Rounded toes. medium heels, ballerina flats and tall boots are recommended.

Choose medium size, wide, structured handbags such as tote bags, bowling bags, the shoulder bags. Avoid clutches, cross boy bags and short strapped shoulder bags.

Medium length, wide scarves that are worn just round neckline or off the shoulder. Avoid placing them over the bust or tummy area.

Short necklaces, big earrings and hair accessories are recommended. Avoid placing chunky jewelry around your bust area.

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