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Dressing Tips for Your Body Type (Shape)  : Flatter Your Figure

Everybody is unique in body and mind. It is tough to standardize something unique. We are not looking to categorize your body; we aim to show you how to create a balance by using your daily outfits. The more balanced your silhouette appears, the more visually pleasing your outfit will be.

Embracing our body with positive vibes leads to more openness, confidence, and extroversion in our daily encounters. You can enhance your look by following basic guidelines, but the most important thing is feeling good about your look, wearing what you love and being yourself. If you don’t consider yourself in any of these descriptions, no worries; many women have combinations from several, which makes us all unique.

In this guide you will find:

  • Body Types (Somatotypes)
  • Body Shapes (how to find your body shape)
  • Dressing guide for your body type / shape
  • What to wear if..

Defining Your Body Type : SOMATOTYPES

Our body analysis starts with defining your body type. Body types are based on the concept of Somatotypes. The term Somatotype was developed by William Sheldon to describe three basic body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph.

Human Body Somatotypes

Straight, angular, lean, skeletal, has a narrow bust or hips, minimal fat deposits and fast metabolism. Bones are thin and visible, and body lines are vertical, characterized as linear and delicate.
Average size, fairly lean and musculature, has medium size bust or medium size hips, most likely to show muscle tone. It’s an athletic and well-structured type, legs and arms are muscular and well-defined.
A full and curvy body with a large bust or wide hips has a slow metabolism, muscles are not defined. 

There are many variations between Ectomorph and Endomorph and you may be at the border of these Somatotypes. It does not matter; they are only used to give us some basic indications about your body type to start with.

How to dress according to your Somatotype?

Ectomorph: Structured tailored and boxy styles; double-breasted tops and layers with high neckline or collar; pockets, ruffles, puffs, and straps are recommended. Straight or pleats at the bottom with crisp fabric (gabardine, twill, velvet, taffeta, denim, leather); stripes or check patterns.

Mesomorph: Classic semi-fitted style single double-breasted tops and layers with moderate neckline or collar. Classic style bottoms made of natural drape fabric with a flat front and minimal pleats.

Endomorph: Soft fabric, fitted style single breasted tops and layers with low neckline; without collar, pockets, or ruffles. Curved patterns like floral or paisley on flowing style long bottoms with lightweight draping fabric (chiffon, light silk, jersey, rayon, thin cotton, crepe silk or wool).


Dressing Tips for Your Body Type (Shape)  : Flatter Your Figure

Your body shape is the outline of your structure. It helps with mapping clothes to make sure they fit beautifully and proportionately and enhance your look. We give our recommendations about which clothes you should wear according to your silhouette, we will not try to create an illusion to throw your proportions off and change your shape into something else that you don’t want.

You may not fall into simply one category, but you can explore the characteristics of each shape below and decide which one you fit in the most. For example; you may have big hips like in teardrop, also wide shoulders like in triangle type. You can decide which one is more dominant to represent your primary body shape or you can read our what to wear if guide to find your perfect outfits to look more balanced.

Please keep in mind that your body shape has nothing to do with your weight, it’s about your bone structure.

How to find your body shape / silhouette?

First, you need to do some measurements. The bust, waist and hips are the important components of your body measurement. The relationship between these measurements will identify your body silhouette. Using a cloth tape is better than a metal one. Let the tape be neither too tight nor loose.

How to Measure your Bust

To measure your bust:

Measure around the widest part of your bust, do not make it too tight, you can measure it over your favourite bra.

How to Measure your Waist

To measure your waist:

Measure around the narrowest part of the waist, this is usually between the belly button and the hips.

How to Measure your Hip

To measure your hip:

Measure around the widest part of the hip, typically where the leg breaks.

Body Shape Calculator



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