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The Ultimate Shoe Guide : Choosing, Styling & Shopping Tips

The Ultimate Shoe Guide : Choosing, Styling & Shopping Tips

Apart from being stylish, shoes are very important accessories that should be comfortable and match your life style, body type, ouutfit, season and occasion.

This comprehensive shoe guide is your go-to resource for selecting and styling each shoe type. Dive into detailed explanations covering various shoe styles, while also accessing shopable links to your favorite brands. Explore expert advice on choosing the perfect footwear for every occasion, ensuring you step out in style and confidence, armed with in-depth knowledge about each shoe type.

Shoe Toe styles

Pointed toe shoes

Pointed toe

The professional setting, slim silhouette, authoritative vibe, powerful image, uncomfortable, best in stilettos

Almond toe shoes

Almond toe

Tapered oval shape, elegant, most popular, business and casual settings

Round toe shoes

Round toe

Spacious, comfortable, girly, feminine,  casual settings, mostly found on ballerinas

Square toe shoes

Square toe

Masculine appearance, mostly found on sandals, slippers, loafers etc.

Open, Peep toe shoes

Open/Peep toe

Opening at the toe box, mostly found on heels and sandals, retro and vintage styles, dressy settings

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