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Bracelets: Types, Sizes, Choosing & Styling Tips

Bracelets: Types, Sizes, Choosing & Styling Tips

How to determine the size of your bracelet?

Bracelet fit is important for comfort and style. To find out your exact bracelet size, use a measuring tape or piece of string to measure the size of your wrist. You should measure just above the wrist bone, and then add 0.8-1 inches (~2cm) to your wrist size to get the correct bracelet size.

To find out your bangle bracelet size, close your fingers together like when you are putting on a bangle, again use o strip of paper to measure around the closed hand at the widest point which is the circumference of your hand.

The standard bracelet length is 6.5 to 7.5 inches, 7 inches is the most common. Large bracelets are between 7.5 to 9 inches. Bangles usually are 7 inches in length with a 2.5-inch diameter. 

Bracelets: Types, Sizes, Choosing & Styling Tips
Bracelets: Types, Sizes, Choosing & Styling Tips
Bracelets: Types, Sizes, Choosing & Styling Tips

Bone structure 

The bone structure is the frame of the person and can be divided into three basic types: fine, medium and strong. Visit our Accessory guide to find out your bone structure.

Fine Bone Structure: Fine, thin, lightweight, sheer, flat, delicate bracelets; gemstone, charm, narrow bangle, cable bracelets.

Medium Bone Structure: Medium thickness and length, classic bracelets; medium-sized round beaded bracelets, double-wrapped leather bracelets, cuff and hinged bracelets.

Strong Bone Structure: Strong, thick, heavyweight, chunky bracelets; medium-width bangles, link bracelets. Avoid thin, delicate metal gold chain or silver charm wire bracelets or narrow open bangles and stretchy ones.

Bead bracelet
Diamond Link Bracelet
Wide hinged bracelet
White leather wrap bracelet and statement rings

Types of Bracelets

Bangle Bracelet


A large, stiff, rigid ring that is worn around the wrist, arm, or ankle, usually from metal, wood or plastic, has no clasp, opening and, pendants or other ornaments hanging from them

Cuff Bracelet


Type of inflexible, solid bangle without opening; don’t have clasps or any type of closure, wide cuffs have a bold, confident look



Combination of watch and bracelet

Gemstone Bracelet


Formed by a chain with different types of precious stones

Cage Cuff Bracelet

Cage Cuff

Open, delicate cuff style bracelet, usually used as a statement bracelet

Leather Bracelet


Leather or suede, unisex, stylish bracelets that appeal mostly to the youth

Cable Bracelet


Single stainless steel cable formed, bangle style bracelets

Hinged Bracelet


Fixed around the wrist by a spring-type clasp that makes it easy to add to your wrist

Crossover Bracelet


Bangle style bracelet made combination of two different elements crossing each other

Stretchy Beaded Bracelet


Stretchy, flexible bracelets that wrap around your wrist, made of beads or stones and end without a clasp

Open Bangle Bracelet

Open Bangle

Thin, bangle-style bracelets with open ends at the front

Statement Bracelet


Large, mostly brass, oddly shaped, different style bracelets to make a statement

Chain Bracelet


Made of metal loops linked together to create a chain, metal, gold and silver ones have these have value and durability

Friendship Bracelet


Decorative, colourful, bracelets given between friends to symbolize their friendship, typically made of thread or string and are woven in any number of ways to create the pattern

Slider Bracelet


Open style clasp through which a ribbon or chain can be passed. The front part of the slide is often very detailed while the rear has one or two bars somewhat like a buckle

Tipped Bracelet


Simple bangle of woven stainless steel bracelets capped with stones, pearls, beads etc.

Beaded Bracelet


Consists of one or several rows of beads, have a bohemian style and are very versatile

Strands Bracelet


Composed of multiple strands connected with a single clasp, the strands may have beads or gemstones embedded in them

Tennis Bracelet


Consists of a row of individually set and uniformly sized diamonds or other gemstones, it's classic and sophisticated.

Charm Bracelet


Bracelet with decorative pendants, beads, stones, or trinkets depending on your mood and preferences. Some types are already in place when acquired by the owner, rather than a collection of charms gathered over time

Toggle Clasp Bracelet

Toggle Clasp

These are not of any category but need to be mentioned because of the way they terminate, they have a toggle clasp i.e., a bar and a ring closure

Wrap Bracelet


A bracelet winds around the wrist once, twice, or many times, bead and leather wrap bracelets are very trendy

Link Bracelet


Made by joining or linking several comparable constituents or pieces of jewelry by using a variety of materials including metal and precious stones

Identification Bracelet


Simple chain bracelet that may have charms or a plate with a name or a message engraved on it

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